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teo sandigliano ritratto

Ph. Credits © Cristina De Paola

Teo Sandigliano (Italy, 1992)

- BA in Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano, 2014

- MIARD (Master in Interior Architecture + Research + Design) from PZI, WdKA, Hogeschool Rotterdam, NL, 2017.

Since 2017 I've been working as freelance designer, writer and curator. I've collaborated with several studios and companies such as Design Library, Makio Hasuike & Co, CNA C. Nisivoccia Architetto, HP, Domus, and more. You can find my words on Living Corriere della Sera, Salone del Mobile.Milano, INTERNI, IFDM, among others and I also write creative texts for private clients.


I apply Design as a multidisciplinary method to communicate, write text, research and provide consultancy services for communication and branding projects. 

I feel responsible for my results and I always try to apply critical thinking to what I am doing. Comunication and organization are part of my skills. I am a reliable, creative and curious person, always looking for inspirations and new collaborations. 

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  • CONSULTANCY on interior/graphic/branding projects/presentations/communication.

  • CREATIVE WRITING - experience as author for design and architecture projects. (Living, Corriere della Sera -  WeVux - Salone del Mobile.Milano - Atmosfera Mag - Interni - IFDM)



2014_ Showroom, DAVIFIL srl, Biella

2015_ Tutor for FabLab Biella, Sella Lab, Biella

2016_ Communication and Web designer, Nisivoccia Architetto, Milano

2017_ Assistant, BA Spatial Design, WdKA, Rotterdam

2017_ Communication and Web designer, Makio Hasuike & Co, Milano

2018_ Brand Identiy for Hydro, Biella

2019_ Communication designer, Radici S.p.A., Salone del Mobile, Milano

2019_ Brand Identity Consultant, FORMAE, Milano

2020_ Communication Designer, Scia's Benessere, Milano

2020_ Nèo Design Italiano Brand Identity, Milano

2020_ Nèo Exhibition, Courmayeur Design Weekend, Courmayeur

2020_ Il Borgo di Pta Romana, Domus + HP

2021_ Communication and Web Designer, Scia's Divisione Tessuti, Milano
2021/2023_ Editor-At-Large and Consultant, Salone del Mobile.Milano

2022/ongoing_ Commissione "Ricerca teorica, storica, critica e progetti editoriali", ADI Design Index

2023_ Fatto Bene. An exhibition to appreciate Good Design, Milano.

2024/ongoing_ Editorial contributor for Atmosfera mag, IFDM and Interni.



2013/ongoing_ 2000+ articles, WeVux

2016/2017_ Living, Corriere della Sera, Articles

2020_ Nèo Design Italiano research texts

May 2020_ Discorso sulle Erbe, WPAC, Circolo Del Design,

January 2021_Remembering a Brave New World, The WE Magazine
2021_ Studio Lamp Presskit Introduction
2021/ongoing_ Salone del Mobile.Milano

2024/ongoing_ Interni

2024/ongoing_ Atmosfera mag


Aug 2014_ DISplace_Milano, nel borgo di Chiaravalle, by D. Solito

April 2015_ DISplace_UNEVEN GROWTH MoMA, by A. De Rosa

July 2016_ WIND-it! _Trendease Int, Newsletter #552, by J. Castoldi

April 2017_ Oil Massive Society, KooZA/rch

Febr 2020_ Mostra Nèo, AD Italia by E. Mencarelli

April 2020_ ToolsForAfter, ADI Design Blog

April 2020_ ToolsForAfter, AD Italia by E. Mencarelli

April 2020_ ToolsForAfter, CieloTerra Design by P. Casicci

April 2020_ Nèo Design Italiano, ElleDecor It

April 2020_Urban Factory, Domus web by G. Ricci and A. Scarano
May 2020_ Interview for ToolsForAfter, ElleDecor It by R. Fiandaca

April 2021_Guida Introduttiva agli orti, Domus by G. Lamperti

June 2021_Luca Ballarini Interview, Domus by R. Totaro

June 2023_Materials Design Map, IFDM by Laura Barsottini

June 2023_Materials Design Map, ElleDecor it by Isabella Prisco

June 2023_Materials Design Map, Materia Rinnovabile by A. Totaro

June 2023_Materials Design Map, Artribune by Giulia Marani

October 2023_Fatto Bene exhibition, IFDM by L. Barsottini

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Fuorisalone by Redazione

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Interni by M. De Pas

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Domus by Redazione

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, by G. Massari

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Archipanic by Redazione

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, The Way Magazine

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