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Teo Sandigliano © Cristina De Paola (3)

Ph. Credits © Cristina De Paola

Teo Sandigliano (Italy, 1992)

- BA in Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano, 2014

- MIARD (Master in Interior Architecture + Research + Design) from PZI, WdKA, Hogeschool Rotterdam, NL, 2017.

Since 2017 I've been working as freelance designer and writer.

I've collaborated with several studios and companies such as Design Library, Makio Hasuike & Co, CNA C. Nisivoccia Architetto, HP, Domus, and more. You can find my words on Living Corriere della Sera, Salone del Mobile.Milano, among others and I also write creative texts for private clients.


I apply Design as a multidisciplinary method to communicate, write text, research and provide consultancy services for communication and branding projects. 

I feel responsible for my results and I always try to apply critical thinking to what I am doing. Comunication and organization are part of my skills. I am a reliable, creative and curious person, always looking for inspirations and new collaborations. 

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  • CONSULTANCY on interior/graphic/branding projects/presentations/communication.

  • CREATIVE WRITING - experience as author for design and architecture projects. (Living, Corriere della Sera -  WeVux - Salone del Mobile.Milano)



2014_ Showroom, DAVIFIL srl, Biella

2015_ Tutor for FabLab Biella, Sella Lab, Biella

2016_ Communication and Web designer, Nisivoccia Architetto, Milano

2017_ Assistant, BA Spatial Design, WdKA, Rotterdam

2017_ Communication and Web designer, Makio Hasuike & Co, Milano

2019_ Communication designer, Radici S.p.A., Salone del Mobile, Milano

2019_ Brand Identity Consultant , FORMAE, Milano

2020_ Communication Designer, Scia's Benessere, Milano

2020_ Nèo Design Italiano Brand Identity, Milano

2020_ Nèo Exhibition, Courmayeur Design Weekend, Courmayeur

2020_ Il Borgo di Pta Romana, Domus + HP

2021_ Communication and Web Designer, Scia's Divisione Tessuti, Milano
2021/2023_ Editor-At-Large and Consultant, Salone del Mobile.Milano

2022/ongoing_ Commissione "Ricerca teorica, storica, critica e progetti editoriali", 
                         ADI Design Index

2023_ Fatto Bene. An exhibition to appreciate Good Design, Milano.



2013/ongoing_ 2000+ articles, WeVux

2016/2017_ Living, Corriere della Sera, Articles

2020_ Nèo Design Italiano research texts

May 2020_ Discorso sulle Erbe, WPAC, Circolo Del Design,

January 2021_Remembering a Brave New World, The WE Magazine
2021_ Studio Lamp Presskit Introduction
2021/ongoing_ Salone del Mobile.Milano


Aug 2014_ DISplace_Milano, nel borgo di Chiaravalle, by D. Solito

April 2015_ DISplace_UNEVEN GROWTH MoMA, by A. De Rosa

July 2016_ WIND-it! _Trendease Int, Newsletter #552, by J. Castoldi

April 2017_ Oil Massive Society, KooZA/rch

Febr 2020_ Mostra Nèo, AD Italia by E. Mencarelli

April 2020_ ToolsForAfter, ADI Design Blog

April 2020_ ToolsForAfter, AD Italia by E. Mencarelli

April 2020_ ToolsForAfter, CieloTerra Design by P. Casicci

April 2020_ Nèo Design Italiano, ElleDecor It

April 2020_Urban Factory, Domus web by G. Ricci and A. Scarano
May 2020_ Interview for ToolsForAfter, ElleDecor It by R. Fiandaca

April 2021_Guida Introduttiva agli orti, Domus by G. Lamperti

June 2021_Luca Ballarini Interview, Domus by R. Totaro

June 2023_Materials Design Map, IFDM by Laura Barsottini

June 2023_Materials Design Map, ElleDecor it by Isabella Prisco

June 2023_Materials Design Map, Materia Rinnovabile by A. Totaro

June 2023_Materials Design Map, Artribune by Giulia Marani

October 2023_Fatto Bene exhibition, IFDM by L. Barsottini

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Fuorisalone by Redazione

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Interni by M. De Pas

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Domus by Redazione

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, by G. Massari

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, Archipanic by Redazione

October 2023_ Fatto Bene exhibition, The Way Magazine

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